B.Sc with Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Sciences and Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences are one of the most opted courses that give an analytical base to a student. These courses integrate all three mathematical sciences namely mathematics, statistics (physics optional) and computer science enabling students to develop paradigms, mathematical skills, along with statistical tools for summarization and interpretation of huge data. It also provides good career opportunities in computer science for industry as well as education & research sectors.


B.Com General and Computers is a three year degree course which promulgate the students with theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the field of commerce and computers simultaneously. This course facilitates the students to learn, understand, and implement the usage of financial, software, computer aided packages related to various business sectors like finance, banking, insurance etc. It develops skills related with automation and various other businesses processing technology enabling the student to develop indispensable concepts and skills in mathematics, economics, statistics and computer science.